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body boards

BZ Pro BoardsWe are standing behind BZ, Morey, Elemenohpee, Custom X and Vortex, Viper Fin Co., Hydro, Churchill and the Neo Fin Company. We will complement this years board line with T's, Caps and other clothing items from our respective suppliers.Many of us started on some form of a body board and in my case it was " plywood such as the ones Primo and Royal Richards shred at Sandy Beach! Primo Richards, of Waimanalo, inspired the great "Jack the Ripper" as it all started with Primo standing on plywood with his fins eons ago. Primo would also take the same board and turn it into a sand slide board ripping up the half point shore break!

A big mahalo & good luck to fellow Hawaiian Jeff Hubbard for the great action shots and for his vote of confidence.


BZ Body BoardsBZ
BZ has been a household name for awhile now and manufacturer the best shapes on the market today. I am impressed with the new Jeff Hubbard models since they have a magical bottom. They are definitely one of the best on the market today and remind me of the Channel Island quality bottom. We have many new of the 2004 models in stock and will continue with this great line-up throughout the summer.

A big mahalo to BZ Teamrider, Brian Stoehr, who offered to assist us this year educating our youth on Long Island. A great team to work with and we look forward to a huge year! I'd like to welcome Zach Zoller of Westhampton Beach who is our newest WOODY'S Teamrider who will be sporting a new BZ this season.

Elemenohpee has a great name here at the shop and Brent Cole is great to work with and we are very excited about their new board line coming soon. We will also showcase their clothing and accessory line that will be a hit for 2004.

Morey BodyboardsMorey Body Boards
The original body board and a name that is still popular here at our shop. We have a nice selection of this product that fills the gap for entry-level boarders at a spectacular price. Morey was there from the beginning with help from the Master; Jack The Ripper - Lindholm from Hawaii Kai, Oahu.

Custom X
We are proud to offer their product and will be providing their top lines to go with our existing stock. A solid name in the sport! Custom X will be distributing MANTA & CARTEL boards too!

Vortex Manufacturing
An up and coming company that has a great quality product that we will introduce in May 2004. We have started a dialogue yet our Representative, Anthony Castro, is a familiar face at our shop since he is our rep. for Viper Fin products and has provided great service to us during the past. A big welcome to our brothers from Oceanside, CA!

To our new Partners, Brian and Ruben of the Vortex Manufacturing, providing great customer service yet more importantly, the fine products sent today (5-19-04). The hand shaped soft surfboard has to be the best on the market and the rail shape is forgiving perfect for our entry-level surfers. Please visit our shop to view their awesome Body Boards that are SICK! I really, really like the Dre Model too!

We have dealt with nuisance for awhile now as they provide many great boarding accessories here at the shop.


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